WhatsApp Will Automatically Start Showing Advertisements In Status Starting From 2019

The worst nightmare has happened or should I say is about to happen. Ads are slowly finding their way to whatsapp. How do you show me ads that I am possibly interested in without having some form of tracking in place. I believe this move might actually make many people reconsider switching away from Facebook owned apps.
According to a WhatsApp spokesperson has confirmed that the chat app is planning to run ads inside the Status tab of the app. To recall, ‘Status‘ is the second tab you see in your WhatsApp window right between the ‘Chats‘ and ‘Calls‘ tabs. Similar to Snapchat Stories features, photos or video posted inside Status disappear after 24 hours.

“WhatsApp does not currently run ads in Status though this represents a future goal for us, starting in 2019. We will move slowly and carefully and provide more details before we place any Ads in Status,”

According to the report, Ads will run on Facebook’s advertising system, and WhatsApp says it’s confident users will adapt to this new approach.

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