How to get over 100GB free data on Dent app without referring anyone

Dent app has been the most current trending app in Nigeria and other countries around the world. The app offers the most wanted feature; of providing surplus and cheaper data plan on all networks.
The points are called "Dent", and can be converted to data. The more you refer, the more Dents you make. And also, users can purchase Dent on the app and convert it to data because is cheaper than the normal network provider's data plans.
But in this article, you will learn and be acquainted how to make more Dents without the stress and hassle to buy Dents or refer anyone onto the app. Specifically, It's like a trick you would want to learn.

How to earn Dents without referring anyone

  1. Firstly, if you don't have an account on Dent, kindly signup via here. And if you already have, kindly login your main account on the app.
  2. In your main account, tap on Invite link in the center of the app and copy your referrals or share link.
  1. Once done, go to your "Phone Settings" and tap on "Apps" and tap on your installed "Dent app" and clear the Dent app cache and data.
  1. Open any of your browser app and paste the referrals link you earlier copied, and run the link.
  1. Then, you would be taken to Playstore automatically, tap on "OPEN" to launch the Dent app for you, since you have already installed the app before.
  1. Now, you will you be given 20 dents for referring yourself and tap on "REGISTER" to signup a new account with a new number (make sure the number can receive a verification code).
  1. After successful verification in which they will send you a code to input in the app, then you will given another 30 dents for account opening, while your main account will be credited with 20 dents.
  2. Now, use the Dent and buy data as you like and repeat the process above to get more.
Note: You only need new or old working SIMs of any network that have not been used on the Dent app, to register many accounts.

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