10 things you need to know about the new Android 9 OS version


10 things you need to know about the new Android 9 OS version

Artificial intelligence has been injected in the new Android 9 OS version. So, you should expect to enjoy some features like Smart replies, smart battery management, enhanced privacy and cure for smartphone addition.

Here are 10 features of the new Android 9 OS version:

1. GESTURE NAVIGATION: IPhone X and OnePlus have the Gesture feature but Google has added it to Android P to replace the familiar on-screen back, home and overview buttons (home and back). Tapping on the home button takes you back to the launcher, but swiping up once activates Overview, while two swipes opens app drawer.
2. TIME ON THE LEFT: In Android P OS, the clock has been shifted to the left. The left used to show network signal quality and notifications from apps. But now, the time is at the left and the signal meter has been moved to the right.
3. NOTCH SUPPORT: Just like the Huawei P20 Pro Display with notch with cutouts at the top front facing cameras, sensors and speakers. Android P is coming with full support for notch optimising how contents, notifications and status icons are shown around them.
4. SMART REPLIES: Writing will be more easier with the new AI powered reply suggestions that Google is bringing to Android P. No need of thinking what to write, just tap on a button and you are done.
5. APP ACTIONS AND AI PREDICTIONS:The new machine learning on Android P will predict what you want in your Android phone. It will try to guess which app you want next and can give you shortcut to the location of the app.
6. SLICES: Just like the way Google shows information on search with snippets, that’s how new Android P Slice feature will show you information from apps directly within the Google search app.
7. ADAPTIVE BATTERY: To save more battery on daily basis, Adaptive Battery learns how frequently you use an app and directs the power to the apps you need at the time. But restrict or separate inactive app from draining your battery.
8. ADAPTIVE BRIGHTNESS: New Artificial Intelligence (AI) integrated into the Android P, your smartphone will be able to automatically adjust brightness using an Ambient Light Sensor built into Android for years in order to suite the level of brightness you need.
9. ENHANCED PRIVACY: The new Enhanced Privacy feature will be able to protect privacy and kill apps running in background. Apps given the permission to camera, microphone, network status and location will not function or access those permissions when idle in background. Hence, this will prevent apps from spying without your knowledge.
10. A CURE FOR PHONE ADDICTION:Google has designed a tool for digital wellbeing to prevent smartphone addiction. The new App Timer helps you set limits on certain apps and once it gets to the allotted time you set, the app greys out.

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