Browsing too slow? See ways to improve your mobile phone connection

Have you ever found yourself in a situation or area whereby the internet connection becomes too frustrating and slow, then you decides to leave your work undone? This issue is common to 2G, 3G, 4G or WiFi connections.
Maybe the area does not have network signal or maybe there are too many obstructions interfering with the signal but before you give up on this, kindly try one of these methods to boost your reception.
Elevate your mobile phone: This is one of the recommended ways to fix mobile network connection issues. Basically, the higher you are, the less there is in the way to block network signal. So, climbing up a chair or going upstairs to browse or call will make signal more better. You can as well open your windows or go closer to where your network mast is located in your area, however, that is if the mast is located near your home.
Ensure you have full battery: Your mobile phone is use for many activities, such as messaging, email, playing games, social media and other real-time services, most times these activities drains a lot of battery. If you are low on battery, your phone might not have enough juice to find a signal. Always charge your device, reduce backlight, close unnecessary apps on background and keep your phone away from extreme temperatures.
Use Wi-Fi Calling: If you found yourself in an area or location, where you have Wi-Fi connected to a broadband connection, chances are your cell phone signals may experience fluctuation. It’s better to turn on Wi-Fi calling feature than using patchy mobile phone signal. You can even setup your phone to always connect to available Wi-Fi and you’ll not even notice that you are making and receiving calls over the internet rather than phone signal.
Switch Providers: Nigeria network providers provides poor voice quality, poor network signal for browsing, dropped calls due to network error, unlike other parts of the world. Some providers have better coverage than others especially in rural areas, you can’t compare the speed when using Glo and 9Mobile  because 9mobile is fast in browsing. However, get a double SIM phone and easily switch providers whenever you are experiencing difficulties.

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