How to get AdSense approval quick: Looking for steps and procedures on how to get AdSense approval quick? Welcome your on the right spot because in this article I’d be giving tutorials on how to get AdSense approval quick and easy.
Some bloggers would say that “there ain’t any joy in blogging without AdSense” well that ain’t true I’d be talking more on that in my future post but for now let’s stick to this.
Most newbies bloggers have had the wrong impression of AdSense probably by the old bloggers who sells AdSense and then confuses not convince the newbie blogger that AdSense doesn’t accept new blogs and stuff like that , then encourage them to buy approved ones , wow cool tactics for something that is gotten for free.
Am getting to you right? Keep on reading.
Getting AdSense approval was really scary to me with all the stuff and shit I heard about AdSense which scared me to the bones but I was encouraged and advised to give it a try by a top blogger by name Mr Guru
Before I drive too fast with my ford mustang like vin diesel let me first tell your or rather explain what AdSense is all about.
Google Adsense is a means of earning from one’s blog or websites. It is one of the best and most used earning platform and a different and better than its counterparts because of the display of contextual user-friendly Advert. Adsense pays it s publishers from the percentage division it receives from its advertisers and due to the fact that it is chosen by so many advertisers and publishers it has very strict rules and policies let’s keep rocking. Let’s take a look at the requirements on how to get Adsense approval fast below.
Adsense Approval Requirements
Below are the AdSense requirements.
• You Must Own A Site Or Blog.

Well I don’t think wed be saying much on this because if you don’t own a site/blog I don’t really see your relationship with AdSense except you own a YouTube Account and wants a YouTube AdSense which is different from this. So you must have a blog before we even mention AdSense.
Your Blog/Websites Must Be In Line With AdSense Policies.
Google AdSense has a lot of Policies but nothing to worry let’s look into them.
Copyright: First and foremost before applying for google AdSense you have to make sure you don’t have any copied content on your blog or rather still notify that’s is a copied content by giving source in the blog.
Content Variations: Blogs with hacking, gambling, porn contents would not be approved.
Traffic Source: Don’t try buying traffic before or after applying for google AdSense.
Requirements For Google AdSense.
Your Blog Must Be Up To 3 months Of Age.
Well most people don’t get AdSense approval because of their blog age although your site must be up to 6 months old to get it but I got my Nigerian AdSense with a 3 months old blog.
Google Account: google account meaning having a gmail account and you must have this before applying for AdSense and let’s not forget that the age limit is 18 years but you could cheat with that if you ain’t 18 yet.
Hola pals we are driving rogue with the above we are done with the first aspect on How to get get AdSense approval quick

How to Get Adsense Approval Quick

• Create A Fresh Gmail Account
This is the first step if you want an AdSense account.
• Get A Custom Domain For Your Blog
We don’t have to beat around the bush if you don’t have a custom domain such as
  • .com
  • .net
  • .co
  • .co.uk
  • .com.ng
Don’t think of applying because your chances is too slim like you driving better than me …..hahaha
Use A Very Nice Theme.
Get beautiful and responsive themes both for mobile for your WordPress or blogger blogs then apply.
Quality Contents
For anyone that wants quick and fast AdSense approval please try to avoid copy and paste write your own post and I’d suggests that you avoid using entertainment or movie blogs when applying for AdSense.
Disable Other Ads Network Before Applying.
I’d say google are very jealous just like your girlfriend they won’t want to share you with others to get approved remove other networks on your blog.
And finally
• Open a blog on any platform preferably blogger.
• Use a nice and responsive theme.
Create pages like About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy.
• Write original content.
• Get a custom domain.
• Get a good traffic.
• Let your blog be at least 3 months of age.
• Disable other AD networks.
I believe we have come to the end of this race and I won which is normal because am a good driver well this is all on How to get get AdSense approval quick. Drop your comments below and share to others

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