MTN latest list of data plans and prices for 2018

MTN has been seen in 2017 frustrating their data plan prices by increasing and decreasing the plans to suite users needs but hopefully, they finally arrived at the one that all subscribers would love to pay their penny to activate, since they are flexible and affordable.
There are the data plans that are worth paying for but I assure you that MTN latest 2018 data plans are among. You need to figure out how much data you can consume before paying for it because MTN new data plans could half the bill.
If you are reading this, am guessing you are looking for the best data plans from MTN but moreover, you need to spend a little penny to afford the plan that will perform all the necessary tasks you want.
The previous MTN data plans was very cost but the newly launched data plans are there to automatically cut down your bills to an inexpectable price. You’ll will be able to calculate up the data you used daily, weekly and monthly, and still find out or see the low finalization.
You almost have 2GB of data for just a thousand naira unlike the previous data plan that offers 350MB for N1,300. Ohh! You could see that right?
Sometimes, people thinks Glo data plans is the best because they offer up massive data plans at low costs but can you compare their speed? Who will like to purchase a data plan that cannot offer up what is expected from it. Imagine, getting 4GB at N1,000 but the network couldn’t allow you finish it up. Ohh! That’s bad and annoying!
These plans can work effortlessly on any device that can access the internet. Be it, Laptop (through Modem), Android smartphone, PSP console, IOS devices like Apple & others, Wrist watches that can connect the internet and many others.
Now, let’s look into MTN 2018 Latest List of Data Plans, Activation or Subscription Codes and their prices. Be rest assured that their affordable prices won’t send you off, since their services is good to write home about.

MTN Data Plans, Activation Codes and Prices

MTN data plans ranges from daily, weekly and monthly; they are flexible and affordable. The monthly data plans can be used up to 30 days, the weekly is up to 7 days, the daily plans can be used in 24 hours which is their validity period. Meanwhile, there are heavy data packages that valid for 60 days and 90 days, they are Quarterly plans.
Moreover, some current MTN data planshave additional bonus that can be used between 1am to 7am. These bonus are time-restricted, you don’t expect it to browse a whole day like the main data plan.

MTN Daily Plans

MTN currently have two daily plans. These plans are designed for those who will love to check up the internet in a day with the small data volume. You can check your social media notifications, download little files and of course, stream a little.
1. 50MB for N100: This plan is 5 times far better than what we used to get (i.e 30MB for N100). Imagine getting that little data volume for that price. So, MTN reconsidered everything and offer up 50MB for N100 with additional 20MB. It valid for 24 hours which is complete full day.
To opt-in this plan, dial *104# or quickly send an SMS of 104 to 131 and you are done subscribing.
2. 150MB for N200: This is another daily plan from MTN that will give 150MB with just N200. The 150MB can be used in a day. I think this is one of the best data plan from MTN, since the data can be used to do anything one wishes on the internet without restrictions.
To opt-in this plan, dial *113# or quickly send an SMS of 113 to 131 and you are done subscribing.

MTN Weekly Plans

MTN has two weekly plans that valid for 7 days. Those who loves streaming and downloading, will definitely find these plans reasonable. You can as well use it to check notifications and many other things you wish to do on the internet without interruption. Meanwhile, they are way better than what you used to get before.
3. 150MB for N300: What a flexible data plan! With N300, you get a wholesome 150MB internet data. You might have been confused that the daily plan of 150MB for N200 and this weekly plan are same and similar. No, the validity makes the difference. The weekly plan valid for 7 days while the daily valid for a day.
Are you the type that could manage a data up to a week or the type that just want to boost up GP and fire up the data within a twinkle of an eye. Your choice determines the one you can activate, since it also determines about how you have figured out your data consumption rate.
To opt-in this plan, dial *102# or quickly send an SMS of 102 to 131 and you are done subscribing.
4. 500MB + 250MB (Bonus data) for N500: The plan is awesome. Just N500 will give you 500MB, not only that, you also get an additional 250MB data that’s usable between 1am to 7am on daily basis.
To opt-in this plan, dial *102# or quickly send an SMS of 102 to 131 and you are done subscribing.

MTN Monthly Data Plans

MTN Monthly data plans offers you the best data plans and prices you would love to get from any good network providers. The extended validity period of 30 days will help you out to browse, stream, download and surf the internet till your satisfaction.
5. 1GB + (500MB bonus data) for N1,000: This monthly plan valid for 30 days. Within 30 days, you can browse, download and enjoy up your internet data at your comfortable time within the period. With just N1,000, you’ll get 1GB data plus 500MB as an additional bonus that’s usable between 1am to 7am on daily basis.
To opt-in to this plan, dial *106# or send 106 to 131 as SMS text message to activate the plan.
6. 1.5GB for N1,500: This plan give you the data without restrictions. You don’t have to get additional bonus that’s restricted to time. By adding N500, you’d get 1.5GB data as main data which will valid for 30 days.
To opt-in to this plan, dial *130# or send 130 to 131 as SMS text message to activate the plan.
7. 2.5GB + 1GB (Bonus data) for N2,000: This plan is good for a heavy Internet user but you need to pay a penny to activate it. You get 2.5GB data plus 1GB as an additional bonus that can be used from 1am to 7am on daily basis. It valid for 30 days which is complete full month.
To opt-in to this plan, dial *110# or send 110 to 131 as SMS text message to activate the plan.
8. 5GB for 3,500: This plan give you the data without restrictions. You don’t have to get additional bonus that’s restricted to time. By adding N3,500, you’d get 5GB data as main data which will valid for 30 days.
To opt-in to this plan, dial *107# or send 107 to 131 as SMS text message to activate the plan.
9. 10GB for N5,000: Their mind would have flied out, once they see that 10GB data plan cost N5,000. The plan is for those who download heavily and knows their data consumption rate. The plan valid for 30 days.
To opt-in to this plan, dial *116# or send 116 to 131 as SMS text message to activate the plan.
10. 22GB for N10,000: Some minds are like, “how will I get 22GB data for huge N10,000“. I assure you that for some people it’s actually a soft spot to those who use the internet for small scale business. The plan gives you unparalleled access to cyberspace for a complete month (30 days).
To opt-in to this plan, dial *117# or send 117 to 131 as SMS text message to activate the plan.
MTN 60/90 Days Quarterly Plans
Those who need unparalleled access to the cyberspace for 60 days or 90 days would consider these plans useful. You can stream and download heavily without interruption.
11. 50GB for N20,000: You can activate this plan if you are a super heavy data user or a business owner. You can connect to your devices and accessories and enjoy up the data with your families or business workers. It valid for 60 Days.
To opt-in to this plan, dial *118# or send 118 to 131 as SMS text message to activate the plan.
12. 85GB for N50,000: Internet walkers can crawl up this data into their phone and bang it up without a blink. Business owners and heavy internet users will found this data reasonable and not scary like the average users. It valid for 90 Days (3 months).
To opt-in to this plan, dial *133# or send 133 to 131 as SMS text message to activate the plan.


MTN offers quality night plan for those who are on MTN Pulse tariff plan. You can legitimately activate the plan and enjoy up your data, since the data work throughout the night effortlessly to make you feel happy.
You only have to migrate to MTN Pulse by dialling *406# USSD code. If you are the type that hates to migrate, the migration is just like a breeze because one dial gives immediate migration.
The night plan can be used and utilized between 12am to 4am in the night and is only valid for one night. However, multiple night plan activation in a night isn’t allowed.
With N25, you get 500MB data by sending “NIGHT” to 131 as text message and you’re done.

MTN Activation Codes and Prices

PlanValidityOpt-in Code
MTN Daily Plans
50MB @ N1001 DayDial *104#
100MB @ N2001 DayDial *113#
MTN Weekly Plans
150MB @ N3007 DaysDial *102#
500MB (+ 250MB bonus data) @ N5007 DaysDial *103#
MTN Monthly Plans
1GB + (+ 500MB bonus data) @ N1,00030 DaysDial *106#
1.5GB @ N1,20030 DaysDial *130#
2.5GB (+ 1GB bonus data) @ N2,00030 DaysDial *110#
5GB @ N3,50030 DaysDial *107#
10GB @ N5,00030 DaysDial *116#
22GB @ N10,00030 DaysDial *117#
Quarterly 60/90 Days MTN Plans
50GB @ N20,00060 DaysDial *118#
85GB @ N50,00090 DaysDial *133#
MTN Night Plan
500MB @ N25For one nightSend “NIGHT” to 131 as SMS text message

How to Subscribe For MTN Data Plans

You can subscribe to MTN data plans by dialling *131# and follow the on-screen instructions to activate the plan of your choice or use the activation codes above.

How to Check MTN Data Plans

To check your MTN data balance, simply send “STATUS” to 131 or dial *131*4# to check your data balance.

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