Howdy! Probably your a newbie blogger and have been having that hitch and asking how do I discover a perfect niche for my blog? Your blog not mine I already have a niche anyway if your looking for an answer to that question your on the right spot because you have all the answers you need here.
This is the niche-finding arena just like the boxing arena or ring where all the fights of niche finding would be fought.
What Is A Blogging Niche.
Your new to blogging right and don’t know what a blogging niche is right well this is it.
blogging niche is a the relative content on your blog its just like being an Engineer and then you decide to be either an electrical or mechanical engineer, that’s the same thing with blogging your a blogger and you have to choose either to be a health blogger, entertainment blogger, tech blogger and so many more.
How Do I Discover A Perfect Niche For My Blog.
Before we get too face into the blogging race as you know am a racer let’s get to know what’s your reason for blogging.
First are you blogging for Money or for Passion.
Blogging For Passion.
Let’s take for instance a game freak would want to blog about games, games cheat and the rest. While a movie lover would want to blog on movies and the sort.
So you can see now that blogging for Passion is easier in terms of looking for a Niche.
Blogging For Money.

Well let the truth be told if you have money in mind when starting a new blog you might end up getting it all wrong or probably run a multi niche blog. But if you rather too kin to make money I’d suggest you search inline for that.
Know What You Love.

Strong sub heading right? Well you have to know what you love or love what you love then blog what you love. Let’s say your an astronaut you’d probably blog about science.
Blogging By Profession.
It is actually cool when you blog your profession for instance my lecturer whose course is mathematics and is offered by virtually all students has a blog on maths and I can tell you he gets more than a thousand views per day.
Be In Touch With Other Of Your Niche.

Yea that’s a key step you have to follow other blogs your niche to see how they post not to copy and paste their work let’s say you have a tech blog you can check this.

Let The Race Begin.

Yea after much study and practice lets practice what we have learnt. The next step is to.
• Create a blog and apply your niche in it.
• Write good articles.
• Share your articles.
Well as a blogger you have to learn how to promote your articles via advert but that can be learnt on this blog.
End Of The Race:

Yea this is the end of the race and I won over the fast and furious king vin Diesel’
You have been given the Ak 47 , and the Sniper of how to discover a niche for your blog.

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