Interesting topic right?? Yea each day that goes by you hear people complain of not getting traffic , or traffic is too low, sometimes I even get messages from some bloggers on how to boost their traffic and all sort.
Most times I advice people to make use of Facebook promotion for their blog and businesses but most people complain of funds and all that so having pondered on it for a long while I came up with this tutorial on how to advertise your blog, event , business for one whole week free of charge no funds attached to more than 2000 viewers.
How Is This Possible??

Getting interesting right yea I guess most of you know of posting on forums Facebook groups and sorts well this is similar you’d get the opportunity to have an advert space on Nigerian top forum kamalsbase just by registering and then post just 10 unique post within a week , which is easy because I guess most of you post more than that on other social site so this is an opportunity for you.
How Can I Get This Offer.

• simply go to kamalsbase.com scroll down and register .
• After that post 10 unique post within a week.
• After doing that simply send a message to kamal.misc@gmail.com alongside your advert details which are , Name of your advert product, A clear description of your advert and a working URL/website link for your advert.
After doing that your good to go so enjoy this offer and don’t forget to share this to other drop comments below.

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