How To Block Low CPC Adsense Ads

Google Adsense as we all know is being known as the best Advertiser network and also the top source of income for most bloggers and website owners. We the publishers happens to be battling with something called low CPC and most of us have even wondered and searched on how we could increase it our Adsense CPC rate. Most bloggers and website owners are faced with these problems, Google Adsense publishers mostly face this problem of low CPC, low Traffic, low CTR and where to place the Ads.

Benefits Of Blocking Low Paying Ads.

There are many reasons why we do want to block low Paying Ads, but we would just give one reason about that:

1. You will discover that after blocking low Paying Ads/URL, your earnings will start increasing day by day, because immediately blocking those keywords their Ads will stop being served on your site and other higher earnings Ads will be served to you for your visitors to click.

How To Block Low Paying CPC Adsense Ads.

  • You need a PC or an iPad.
  •  Login to your Adsense account from Google.
  • Open a new tab and visit this link Here
  •  Input your blog or website Url in the space provided, where it is written "type keywords or enter Url here", after that click on preview Ads.
  • It would appear like the screen-snap Below.
  • When done with the steps above, now copy the Url below each of the Ads, visit keywordspy.com and paste the copied Url in the search box like the one below.
  •  After pasting the Url, you will then click on search just like the screenshot above, then click on PPC to see the amount each of the advertisers pay.
  • If you are not satisfied with amount , then go to your Adsense Dashboard and click on Advertise/Block Url like the screenshot below, then paste the Url and click on block.
Viola you have successfully block your low Paying Adsense Ads.

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