Right Thing to do if your phone falls inside water

Everyone is above mistake” as a popular adage says. Your phone might have fallen in the water and the next thing is not to worry that is damaged. The definite solution is right in this article.
If your phone falls right into a bucket of water and you retrieve fast enough, you can save it instead of spending another money to buy a new one.
The phone might have fallen into a deep water, hole where there is water and a lot of places. Here’s what to do if your phone has fallen into the water.
  1. Take the phone out of the water immediately, if is connected to a wall charger and it also submerged into the water, kindly disconnect or switch off the major circuit breaker before attempting to remove the phone. Otherwise, it might shock you.
  2. Kindly dab the phone with dry towel, clean all the parts where you think water has enter and at the same time, remove the battery cover and battery.
  3. Remove the SIM Card(s) and remove the ear buds, memory cards and remove all plugs that cover the gaps, slots and crevices in the phone to expose them to air-drying.
  4. Then, use a vacuum cleaner to suck the liquid out of the inner parts of the phone. Hold the vacuum cleaner over the affected areas for up to 20 minutes, for each accessible area. Don’t hold the vacuum too close to the phone, as a vacuum can create static electricity, which is even worse for the phone than water. You can also use fan, heater or air-blow to blow air across the phone openings to of course, aid drying.
  5. Put your phone in a sunny spot for as long as 24 hours to help it get rid of water in small openings.
  6. Then, after you have waited, you can then test if your phone is working properly, test the noise and other compartments.
  7. Then, plug it into the charger with the battery, when it has completely dried out and if doesn’t work, that simply means you need a new battery.
After testing everything out that it works perfectly, you can as well take it to an authorised phone dealer and sometimes they can fix it and check if your phone is at the right and normal state.

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