Learn Computer Science and Programming with Google’s New Website

Google has been doing a lot of work to make people aware of computer science and programming in the past years. In this article, we will be talking about Google’s latest effort to promote computer science and programming which was launched in 2016.
The Education website is called Google CS Education (i.e Google Computer Science Education) which is a collection of different programming tools and other basic resources for the incoming beginners.
This new website is mainly focused on three stages:
1. Learn Computer Science
2. Participate in Academic Opportunities
3. Access Career Opportunities
The main goal of Google CS Education website is to teach computer science in the simplest way. So that even a kid can learn.

It further contains resources for both student and the educator. Also includes the coding tools and technology.
Apart from learning computer science and programming, you can also use this portal to explore scholarships by visiting the ‘Participate in Academic Opportunities’ tab.
You can also explore multiple Contests and internships that are organised by google by clicking on the ‘Access Career Opportunities’ tab.
This one-stop place for learning includes some well-known learning programs like Google’s Made with Code, igniteCS and CS First.
We all know that learning computer science is a way to explore opportunities and implement your innovative ideas. With the new CS EDU website, you can access Google’s programs at one place and keep learning.

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