Amazing! Is Now Possible to Post Instagram Stories from the Mobile Website

It’s been a while the popular social network known as Instagram has been making a lot of changes and adding an amazing feature to both their apps (+ Facebook) and the web-based mobile website, having billions of users on the platform and counting makes it an interesting platform for many of its users.
This has given the social network a better and more feedback access by a lot of many users that are mostly on the mobile web-based version of the social network and hence, having a lot more users on the Instagram web-based version.
Instagram wants every user to have access to its stories feature thereby making it available to the Mobile web, and this gives the web-based version a very nice and clean view as you can see in the below screenshot.
Now, this has made it an Amazing great improvement from Instagram; as this will give most of its mobile site users to access the feature of story uploading right from the comfort of their mobile web browsers.
How have this inspired you, do you think this is great for such a huge company or the Mobile website version of Instagram shouldn’t be equipped with such a feature? Share your ideas and thoughts in the comments section below.

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