5 Reasons Your Glo Data Connection is not coming up

Glo has been working hard to upgrade their system recently, due to complaint of their epilepsy slow network connectivity of the internet. This however, affect the data connection of everyone in different ways.
In this article, you will find the issue you have been experiencing with your Glo data connection especially the locked up connection of 3G, 4G or 2G network.
1. No Data – Your Glo network data connection might have gone off due to no available data. This is the new system Glo is using to eradicate any form of leaks in their network.
To fix this, kindly purchase any data from Glo network by dialling *777# and it will come up immediately any data plan is available.
2. Network issue – Your Glo network might be so bad to have hidden your data connection sign. To fix this, kindly move to a better network area where Glo network can be found.
3. Wrong Data Connection – This usually occur when Glo network is available on a higher or lower connection but you might have switched on a wrong data connection. For example, if Glo is fully available on 3G, you need to switch on 3G service to enjoy it and vice versa.
4. Invalid APN Settings – When you setup an invalid APN settings on your APN, you will likely face data connection issue. Use default configuration sent to you by Glo or any other available ones.
5. Unregistered SIM – Glo data connection and full services cannot function properly on a SIM that is not registered. The network might be available but the data connection can never turn on. So, register your SIM and work well with Glo.

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