Amazon Fire tablets are extremely popular. They’re the most popular Android-based tabletavailable, but they don’t include the Google Play Store. Instead, Amazon provides its own app store, which mixes games and apps with videos, music, audiobooks, and Kindle ebooks.
You’ll find so many useful apps and fun games in the Amazon App Store, but what if you really want to install something from the Google Play Store?
The answer is to install Google Play on your Amazon Fire tablet. This used to be tricky, but since the Fire OS 5.x update, it’s now considerably easier. Here’s how.

Why Use Google Play?

If you’re wedded to the Amazon ecosystem, you might be less inclined to look beyond the Amazon App Store. After all, it has everything you could possibly need on your Fire tablet, right?
amazon fire os 5.x google play store
Well, not quite. Yes, the Amazon App Store is great, and it’s perfectly tailored for the Fire platform. But from time to time, you’re going to look at it and think “I need something more.” Here are a few examples:
  • The new game you want isn’t available via the Amazon App Store.
  • You’ve got some Google credit and want to spend it on a movie. But you can’t watch it on your Fire tablet!
  • You already have an Android device and want to access your library of apps and games on your Fire tablet.
And when it comes down to it, the Play Store iis a better app store in many waysgogle Play vs. Amazon Appstore: Which Is
After all, if the app or game you’re looking for isn’t available in Amazon’s app store, it’s far safer to use Google Play. The Play Store is the home of Android apps, and as such is more secure than a third-party site.
Ready to install the Play Store on your AmazonFire tablet? Let’s go!

How This Hack Works

Using the default Silk browser, you can download four files. Once installed, these files will work together to deliver the authentic Google Play experience on your Amazon Fire tablet.
It’s as simple as that. There’s no root required, no Android Debug Bridge (ADB), and you don’t need a PC for this. You can install Google Play anywhere, just as long as you