How to Watch 3 or 4 Videos at The Same Time on Android Device

Watching video is another way to have fun with your smartphone especially long movies, it depends on your choice but you must at least watch videos either from social media or from your media player.

Google has released a new feature on Android 7 Nougat that allows you split your screen to perform easy multitasking and can also allow you watch only 2 videos but with this tutorial, you will be able to watch more multiple videos at the same time on your Android.

We are making use of an app called "Multiple Videos at the same time". This app will allow you perform the task easily without any obstruction.

Where to download the application

You can download the "Multiple Videos at the same time" app on playstore by clicking here. Open the app, and it will divide your phone screen into four segments, click the + plus sign to add videos to the four segments and the X sign to remove videos.

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