5 Best Offer and Awoof Bonuses You Will Like from 9mobile

9mobile is popularly known for their fast network connectivity in almost all the locations and areas in Nigeria. Users suffers no network issues when they subscribed to particular data plan but their data is expensive.

Even as their network data plans are expensive, they still offer a lot of awoof for their customers, some awoof has restriction while some are for everyone and some can only be activated on a particular tariff plan.

If you make use of 9mobile network, this article will show you the 5 latest working awoof 9mobile has unveiled for their customers.
1. YouTube Streaming Pak Awoof

This awoof based on your monthly data plan purchased. If you buy any monthly data plan from their network, you will be given free YouTube video streaming bonus to access only YouTube website from 1am to 5am in the night. However, you should also note that the awoof can be used on one of the most popular VPN app called Anonytun, you can process that via here and enjoy.

2. Cliq4DNite

This awoof is based on tariff plan, you have to migrate to 9mobile Morecliq tariff plan by dialling *244*1# to enjoy Cliq4DNite awoof which is available from 12am till 5am only in the night. It can be used to access and power all phone applications, so you don't need VPN. Moreover, the bonus can be activated based on the amount of your recharges a day.

3. The Special Bonus Offer

This 200naira for 1GB awoof was first launched to celebrate the Muslim's Ramadan Kareem but was revisited by 9mobile. It was later tagged as "Special Offer". Meanwhile, the activation is strictly based on eligibility I.e it selects SIM. All you have to do, is by dialling*929*10# and valid for 3 days. It works on all devices.

4. The Super Deal Awoof

This awoof gives 10,000naira free credit on daily basis that valid for 30 days. The bonus is tagged as "Super Deal" and has been well advertised both on radio and media. This bonus gives up to 10 times the value of your recharge daily for voice and data and existing customers get 7 times the value of your recharge daily for 30 days. It can be used to call all Nigerian networks.

5. Breakfree 100% Double Data

This doubles any of your data purchased from the official or applicable data plans of 9mobile. It doubles the data up to 100%. The offer is only available to Morecliq tariff plan, migrate by dialling*244*1# and dial *545# and choose 1from the screen to get your 100% double data activated. If activated, always check your data balance by dialling *228# in the official way.

These are the top awoof 9mobile has unveiled and they are still reigning and wonderful. The awoof and bonuses are based on tariff plan and some are for everyone. So, follow the procedure and read carefully for proper activation.

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